Call for Auditions!

We are now casting for our incredible festival, which will be performed online at the end of February. Audition to be a part of showcasing nuanced, hilarious, and necessary emerging Canadian plays! Please refer to audition information and play introductions/ character breakdowns for more detail.

Festival audition information:

  • Auditions start on January 9th and will take place over Zoom
  • No monologues required – cold reads only
  • No preparation is necessary, but cold read samples will be provided three days prior to auditions for those who do wish to prepare
  • Actors may audition for multiple shows, but will only have the opportunity to be cast in one
  • Actors will be required to read from one or multiple scenes
  • Actors must be prepared to remain in the audition for the full allotted time slot
  • Please contact us at with any questions, concerns, or accommodations!

Play introductions/character breakdowns:

Bug by Araceli Ferrara – After waking up in a flooded grave, Cordy meets an undead creature named Bug who tells her she only has until the witching hour to figure out how she died. Armed with a shovel, Cordy sets off in a haunted graveyard to find her possible killer.

  • Cordy: Woman. In limbo and searching for her killer.
  • Duncan: Male. Cordy’s best friend.
  • Elspeth: Woman. Dead. A ghost in the graveyard.
  • Bug: Preferably non-binary. Undead. Perhaps we’re seeing a corpse or a zombie but we’re unsure.

A Little Big Thing by Arvind Venkat – ‘A Little Big Thing’ grapples with the relationship between Indian-Canadian parents and their gay son Arjun, who awkwardly attempts to come.

  • Kamala: South Asian Woman. Arjun’s mother.
  • Aakash: South Asian Male. Arjun’s father.
  • Arjun: South Asian Male. Awkward but endearing, struggling to tell his parents he’s gay. Preferably LGBTQ2A+.
  • Sam: Male. Arjun’s boyfriend. Preferably LGBTQ2A+.

Love and Other Drag by Rachel Arnold – ‘Love and Other Drag’ follows themes of identity, sexuality, self-expression, and our capacity to receive different kinds of love.

  • Hallie: Woman. On a journey of understanding her sexuality. Preferably LGBTQ2A+.
  • Elijah: Male. Hallie’s roommate and best friend. Witty, brave, knows who he is. Preferably LGBTQ2A+, does drag, and BIPOC.
  • Fallon: Woman. Hallie’s love interest. Preferably LGBTQ2A+.


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